Common Reasons For Weak Signal Reception

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21st century is the era of mobile phones because a lot of different cellular devices with a variety of specifications like large storage space, multi focus camera, etc. are emerging to the market in a daily basis. This decade has also witnessed so many improvements in the network technology that can support mobile devices. Even though the researchers have even developed the 5G network, there is no appropriate infrastructure to make it available for the whole community.

Most of the people who are using a mobile phone are facing the problem of weak signal strength. This will slow down the network connectivity and restrict the people to utilize the full potential of their devices. Even though there are devices like signal boosters available in the market, many people are unaware of it. There are lots of reasons for poor signal strength and some of them are as follows.

Distance Between Tower And Device

If a person is standing near to a cellular tower, he or she may be experiencing high speed connectivity but when they move farther, the signal strength gets lower. This is because there is a specified area for the cellular towers to expand their signal and its strength will be high at the core and will get reduced while moving to its perimeter.

External Interference

A cell phone signal is a type of radio waves and it will need a straight path without hurdles to give better strength. All the external structures like buildings, trees, mountains are responsible for poor signal reception. These structures will block the radio waves transmitted from the cellular towers from reaching the devices. Even rain can act as a shield to block signal transmission. But if the distance between the handset and tower is low, this will not have much effect.

Interference From Inside

Another reason for weak signal strength is internal interferences such as concrete walls, metallic and glass windows, electronic and magnetic devices, etc. These barriers are responsible for restricting the entry of cellular signal to a building. Even if a building is located near the cellular tower or in an open area with no outside interferences like trees and other structures, the building itself can cause a reduction in cellular reception.

These are some of the common reasons for low signal strength in an area or in a building. Most of these problems can be solved by installing a mobile network booster because it will amplify the weak signals and make it stronger.