Determining The Worth Of Signal Boosters

KPN Boosters In Netherlands
KPN Boosters In Netherlands
KPN Boosters In Netherlands
KPN Boosters In Netherlands

Every time you are unable to get through with that important phone call, you feel disconnected and think to yourself why this happens. If you have found your answer, they yay! Lucky you; and if not, then continue reading. Your ultimate solution to it is to install a signal booster.

What Is A Signal Booster?

A signal booster is a device installed to get a better network. Better network means better connectivity and no more dropped calls or blurry phone conversations. The device works by catching the weak signals, amplifying or boosting the strength of these signals and broadcasting it back. The strong signals which the device broadcasts will be available to use when you come in the coverage area of the device.

The device is super-efficient and the array of mobile signal boosters available in the market is proof of it. Depending on your network carrier, you can opt for the device that best suits or is compatible with your network carrier. In this article, we are focussing on KPN boosters in Netherlands. These are ideal for the customers of KPN.

Identifying The Best Booster

The list of Netherlands mobile boosters is a long one. Therefore, identifying the ideal one which is worth the money is challenging but not impossible. Check for the following elements in an ideal signal booster.


A decibel is a standard unit used to measure the strength of a signal. It is a globally accepted concept. You will better understand it when I say, that the bars you see on the screen of your mobile phones are the indicators of the strength. The more the number, the stronger your phone signal will be. Please do not confuse decibels with radiations, both are entirely different concepts.

Donor Antenna

Colloquially, we call it the outside antennas. These are antennas that are positioned outdoors for catching the signals and directing it to the amplifier unit.


This part of the device is considered as a bridge to strengthened radio frequency signals. The signals received from the donor antenna are boosted by the amplifier unit. From here, the amplified signal is passed on to the interior antennas.

Interior Antenna

The interior antenna serves as a middleman between your mobile and a strong mobile signal.

There are indeed other ways to boost mobile signals. However, the most popular and less time-consuming way of boosting mobile phone signals is to install a signal booster.