How To Choose The Right Indoor Antennas For Your Cell Signal Booster?

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Indoor/internal/interior antennas are an important part of cell signal boosters, as they have the responsibility of transmitting the signals into the required areas. There are different types of internal antennas available for cell phone boosters that vary in terms of the area they can cover. Therefore, it is important for you to choose an antenna based on the location you want to cover. The following are the common choices available for you when selecting the external antenna of your signal boosters.

Whip Antenna

This antenna can be an ideal option for you if you want to cover smaller spaces using your signal boosters. This includes car, truck, van, RV, or one or two rooms. This antenna will be attached directly to the booster and provides omni-directional signal, i.e., it can send signals in all directions. Whip antennas are suitable for entry-level amplifiers and have the ability to deliver a signal gain of 2dB on the 698-960 MHz band and up to 5dB on the 1700-2700MHz band. Hence, if you want to cover small spaces and get signals in all directions, then this is the best choice for you.

Dome Antennas

Dome antennas are recommended for single-storey buildings that are square in shape. You need access to the area above the ceiling attic or crawl space for installing this antenna. Dome antenna is also a non-directional antenna, as it provides signals in all directions.

Two types of dome antennas are available for you to choose from; the first type is the standard indoor antenna, and the other is the ultra-thin dome antenna. The standard indoor antenna can provide you a gain of about 5dB on the 1700-2700MHz band as well as a gain of 2dB on the 698-960MHz band. But the ultra-thin antenna is more powerful, as it is capable of providing a gain of 7.5dB on the 1700-2700MHz band and 3.5dB gain on the 698-960MHZ band.

Panel Antennas

The next type of internal antenna is the panel antenna that is suitable for use in long hallways, narrow rooms, and multi-storey buildings. It can be installed on the ceiling or the wall based on the area you need to cover. It transmits signals in only one direction, i.e., at a 45-degree angle.

This is the most powerful antenna among all the internal antennas. It has the capability to provide a gain of almost 7dB on 698-960MHz band and gain of 10dB on the 1700-2700MHz band.

There are various types of interior antennas available for cell signal boosters based on the area they cover and the gain they provide. So make sure to choose an antenna that can be suitable for the space that you want to cover and the strength of the signals you need.