How To Install A Signal Booster At Home?

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Many of us pay a certain amount regularly to keep up our communication via mobile devices. Still, we face many signal issues while communicating with others or while doing our job. As a solution to these issues, signal boosters were invented. A signal booster can strengthen a weak signal by 32 times and it works with any mobile carrier.

Signal boosters are 97 percent effective in boosting weak signals. It can be easily installed in our homes or vehicles for smooth communication. We get an installation manual along with our cell signal repeater which contains all the steps to be followed. However, we are here to help you with the installation process and know more about signal boosters.

What Is A Signal Booster?

A signal booster is a device that can amplify your voice and other signals coming to it. It is not a single unit. It consists of two antennas, a main boosting device, cables, and a power supply. The outside antenna gets the weak signal from the cell tower and transmits it to the amplifier. The internal antenna transmits the amplified signal to our device. All these constituents are connected using the cable and powered up using the power supply.

Easy Steps For Installing A Signal Booster

Find The Location With The Best Signal

This is a very important step in our installation process. We can check the signal bars in our device and find the position with the best signal.

Installing Outside Antenna

Once you’ve found the best position, we need to mount the outside antenna in that position. The outside antenna should point to the direction of the cell tower and should be placed as high as possible.

Connecting Antenna With Boosting Device

Once you’ve set the antenna, we need to connect it with the amplifier which is placed inside the house. We can use the cable provided in the booster kit. You can place the amplifier as per your convenience in a well-ventilated area.

Placing The Inside Antenna

An inside antenna can be placed in a position where you need signal the most. This can be placed on a wall or ceiling. It should not be kept near the outside antenna since this might cause oscillation and force the device to shut down. 20 feet vertical and 50 feet horizontal distance should be kept between the antennas.

Power Up

After the set up is complete, connect your device with a power supply and check if all the lights flashed are green. Also, check if the signal is amplified properly. Once everything is good and in position, you’re done with your work.