How To Install An In-Vehicle Cell Phone Booster?

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Signal Booster
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Signal Booster

It is very common to experience call drops and slow data speed while driving through a remote location or rural areas. The cellular network in rural areas is not as sophisticated as that of urban areas. That is why you need a signal booster inside your vehicle when you go on a road trip. A signal booster will provide you with reliable cell signals all the time so that you can stay connected with your friends and family members.

Follow the steps to install a signal booster in your car.

Do A Mock Installation

The benefit of a mock installation is that it helps you to choose the best location for each of the components of the cell phone booster system. It will give you an exact idea of where each component should go and how much cords are needed for connecting the antennas to the amplifier unit.

Choose An Ideal Location For The Amplifier

The amplifier unit is the most important component of the signal booster system. Therefore, it should be placed in a safe but easily accessible location. It is usually recommended to place the amplifier unit under the seat of the car.

Mount The Outside Antenna On The Roof

The roof of the car is the ideal location for the outside antenna. This is because the metal roof and glass windows act as a shield and block the cell signal from coming inside the car. If you place the outside antenna at the front or backside of the car, it won’t be able to capture the cell signals efficiently. Placing the outside antenna on the roof is also good for avoiding feedback or oscillation.

Choose A Location For Inside Antenna

The inside antenna will rebroadcast the signals that are amplified by the amplifier unit. Therefore, it should be placed in a location where it can send the amplified cell signals equally to all directions. The best place for that is the central portion inside the car. From that position, the inside antenna can send amplified cell signals to all the cellular devices equally.

Connect The Antenna To The Amplifier Unit

After installing all the components, connect the outside and inside antenna to the amplifier unit using coaxial cable. When you connect the antennas to the amplifier unit, make sure that it is not plugged into a power outlet because connecting the antennas to the amplifier when the power is on can damage the signal booster.