How To Speed Up Data On Your Phone

cell Signal Booster
cell Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Repeaters
Cell Phone Signal Repeaters

We have come to a point in our lives where we are barred from leaving the house. Most of us revolves within the 4 walls of our house, and no one knows for sure how long this will last. Businesses and companies have increasingly started to readjust their operation and most of the employees are now made to work at home. But unlike office, which had good network capabilities to ensure that work gets done fast, those stuck at home have to rely on their own data connections.

But rest assured there are many out there who are left scratching their heads with frustration thinking why the network speeds are this abysmal, at best?! Let alone work, but even when you are done with your work duties and would like to unwind during the weekend with a movie on Netflix or listen to some music on iTunes, the buffering icon never seems to leave your side.

You may be in the middle of giving a presentation or making an important point when the video conference call breaks and slows to a grinding halt. This is infuriating, and will be a hurdle causing you to miss out on professional opportunities.

However, this is not a problem that has no solution in sight. Knowing that this situation could last a while makes it all the more a priority that you get it sorted quickly. Doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung, Apple, Oneplus, a tablet or any other device for that matter; these are guaranteed to bring positive results.

Why Your Data Speeds Are Slow?

The quality and speed of your phone’s data connection is affected by how far you are from the nearest cell phone tower. Not just that, but also the interference or obstruction in that path of communication in the form of signal –blocking construction material like glass and polymer.

To get started, first open up an internet speed test application. There are plenty out there like Ookla that give you accurate readings on your download and upload speeds. You can check up on the speeds that you are supposed to touch by simply checking your plan.

Cell phone signal boosters are one of the best ways to give you the coverage that you are lacking. Plus cell phone signal repeaters also place a much lower strain on your phone. But even if you don’t have a cell signal booster, there are a couple of things that you can do right now to ensure better performance.

  1. Optimising Your Hardware

To make your data transfers more efficient, optimising your hardware goes a long way. Running multiple apps and windows in the background will brutally slow your phone down. Simply close unwanted apps to save both battery and as well as enhance the phone’s network performance.

You can also switch to airplane mode and back, to ensure that your phone resets your cell connection. To save time and power, your phone will latch onto a single phone tower irrespective of whether a stronger connection is available nearby. Do this is force the phone to switch to a tower that offers better coverage.

  1. Update Your Phone’s OS

Making use of an outdated version of your phone’s OS can slow down your phone down considerably. Make sure to update regularly to eliminate potential problems.

  1. Turn Off Background App Refresh& Update

Truth be told, there is no reason for you to constantly update apps that you rarely use. Make sure to switch of the automatic app update feature for individual app and switch it on for those apps that you regularly use on a daily basis.

  1. Install A Speed Boosting App

There are plenty of apps available that will optimize background application to increase latency and cellular bandwidth. This can lead to performance boosts of as high as 80%. You needn’t worry on manually managing and leave it to such apps instead.

  1. Text Mode To The Rescue

If you are using a site that is terribly optimised and include things such as large background image sizes or multiple videos in the page, then it can dish out a heavy beating to you data speeds. If you are using any modern phone browser like Chrome, Opera mini then there is an option to disable images and run in text mode. This is a must do if your network speeds are slow.

  1. Get Yourself A Signal Booster

Most professionals make use of a signal boosters to help alleviate their network issues. If you want a long-term consistent solution then no better option that to get a signal booster. The cell signal booster will enhance the weak signal and improve its coverage; allowing you to use it in dead spots where there is low to no coverage. This could be the basement, the patio or even the backyard, you are completely covered!

This is the 21st century and it is high time you resort to a 21st century solution…