Is 3G Network Service Dead?

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The digital world is adapting and changing, before our eyes. First came 3G, then came 4G and then recently the prototype testing of 5G in South Korea, which has become a global first of its kind. As many as 85 cities are now boasting the new and improved 5G network, which will take connection capabilities to another level.

But what does it mean for the ‘little 3G’? with the market and key telecom players slowly shifting their focus onto 5G, is 3G on its death bed?

The Ill-Fated News

The realisation that 3G has come to an end is finally here. Verizon had confirmed that it would no longer activate 3G cell phones and sim sets anymore. As far as they are concerned, 3G technology is a relic that is best kept in the museum. With that outgo 3G call boosters; it is only obvious, isn’t it?

If you are someone who is planning to purchase a signal booster, it is best to invest in a 4G cell phone signal booster. If you are residing in the United States, it is best to ditch the 3G and buy a 4G cell signal booster instead.

The Silver Lining

If telecom player, Verizon is planning to cut down 3G activation, then it means the demand for it has reduced. If you are someone who lives in Europe or outside of the US, then you are in luck! This is probably the best time to invest and get you a cell phone signal booster. After all, they will only cost you a couple of quid at the most!

Get ready to shift your connectivity to high gear with the help of a cell signal booster. These will do wonders in ensuring that your data speeds don’t reduce to a trickle and you will be able to enjoy fast streaming and download speeds, on the fly! Gone are the days of you walking out of the house every time you have a call. With the help of a cell phone booster, you can get crystal clear voice quality with minimal noise and call drops. No matter where you are calling to, rest assured you will have a fully filled signal bar to bank on!

It is only a matter of time before the attention completely shifts to 4G and 5G. Our advice would be to future proof yourself by getting a 4G cell booster when you can!