Slow Internet speeds During Lockdown? Here’s How You Can Change That Sitting At Home

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

With COVID-19 virus construing its own form of a world tour, all of us are jailed in our own houses. This has a silver lining as this has made us realise the value of cell phones even more! Cell phones have all of the world snuggly in it. Cell phones have indeed become the lifeline of our economy. Information is passed from person to person at blinding speeds all across the globe, all thanks to leaps in cellular technology! Now, imagine you were streaming your favourite series on Netflix or Hotstar and suddenly it slows down! There’s not even anybody to call home to fix the issue with the lockdown in play!

Well here are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that your internet speeds are at the top!

  • Juice Your Phone Up

Your phone requires power to work, much like the same way you need energy. Now what happens when you didn’t have your 3 meals for the day? You feel tired and get no work done. Same applies for a phone as well. Keeping you connected to the grid requires energy that your phone should be able to spare. So make sure that you charge your phone every now and then. Don’t let the battery icon go below 20%!

  • Close Unwanted Apps

Closing and uninstalling unwanted apps help optimise your device. Applications may be chewing in on your network data in the background, installing updates and what not. Make sure you prioritize and delete application you don’t need. Make sure to clear out the cache as well to ensure that your network speeds are not compromised.

  • Go To Your Patio Or Terrace

Head out to a clearing on your patio or your terrace. Remember, no stepping out of the house! This will make sure that there is least obstruction and interference to your cell signal. You will have a much better shot this way if you want to make an important call, or let loved ones know that you are safe.

  • Get Yourself A Cell Signal Booster

A cell phone booster can do marvels for your phone. It will instantly boost the quality of your calls and ensure that your internet speeds are nothing less than perfect. If there is a tech store within walking distance then go ahead and get one, or else see if there is an ecommerce store that can get you one!