Top 5 Methods To Find Nearest Cellular Tower Location

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We rely heavily on our cell phones because they are an integral part of our daily activities, and issues with the signal quality or reception can be quite annoying. A reliable solution is to install a cell signal booster at home or office. In this article, we will discuss 5 methods to find the nearest cellular tower, read on to know more.

Tower Maps

Many mobile network operators provide the coverage map on their websites, and by referring to this you can find the location of the nearest cellular tower of any carrier. However, there are locations where towers of multiple carriers are found, in such a situation, you can use third party sites that pinpoint the location of cellular towers of different carriers. Apart from this, there are web maps that offer comprehensive details on this, and you can also make use of them.

Resetting Closest Cellular Tower Locations On The Cell Phone

Mobile phones lock the signals from the closest cellular tower before saving them to reduce power consumption. It can also happen that your phone could be using these saved towers rather than the nearest ones resulting in reduced signal quality. To resolve this, hold and press the power button to turn off your phone, and after 10 seconds, turn it on. Now, the saved cellular tower locations will be erased, and the phone searches for signals from the nearest towers before saving them, this ensures steady signal strength.

Find Dead Spots

To ensure that you get good cellular signal reception it is equally important to know the locations of dead spots and avoid them. You can find these locations using third-party websites and categorize them specific to a carrier. Apart from this, you can also find details regarding signal strength, and that too carrier-specific information.

Use Smartphone Apps

You can also make use of smartphone apps on both Android and iOS to find the nearest cellular tower. Some apps use the signal compass for pointing to the nearest cellular tower, while others offer tower locations from MLS (Mozilla Location Services).

Signal Meters

You can use signal meters to map out signal strength, this tool gives an accurate reading. It shows signal strength in decibels (dB) with an accuracy of 100%, and cell phone service booster installation technicians use signal meters.

So, if there are issues with call quality or internet speeds on your smartphone, finding the nearest cellular tower location will resolve the issue, or you can use a cell phone service booster.