Cell Phone Booster Vs Femtocell

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Cell phone booster and femtocell are two popular signal solutions that come of use when you struggle with poor cellular reception at your place. Although their ultimate objective is the same, the devices operate in entirely different ways.

In this article, we are making a comparison between cell phone booster and femtocell.

 How Does A Cell Phone Booster Work?

A cell phone booster does not work at a place that has zero signals. As its basic working principle is similar to a signal repeater, it requires cellular signal as input. The device detects the outdoor signals, pulls them in, boosts them and broadcasts to the required points.

Cell phone booster functioning is facilitated by its three key components; outdoor antenna, amplifier and indoor antenna. Because the cell phone booster system is bidirectional, it will help your phone to communicate with the cell tower in an order that is reverse of the way it processes the signals coming from the cell tower.

Advantages Of Cell Phone Booster

A cell phone booster has several advantages.

No Internet Connection Required: As signal boosters do not require an internet connection for operating, you do not have to worry about setting up an internet connection at your place to enjoy quality cellular communication.

No Monthly Charges: With cell phone boosters, you do not have to incur any additional expenses like monthly charges. After you are done with the purchase and installation of the booster, you do not have any additional costs to take care of except in case of repair.

Boosters Do Not Require The Cell Phones To Be Synced: Every cell phone that is within the range of the cell phone booster can get the best benefits out of the booster. They need not be synced to the booster.

Works With All Carriers: Cell phone boosters can boost multiple carrier signals available at a place. It does not matter what the cellular service provider that one associates with is. All can get boosted signals on their phones.

Works In Vehicles, Homes, Buildings: Boosters of different models are available for installing in vehicles, RVs, homes and buildings, large and small.

Disadvantages Of Cell Phone Booster

Cell phone boosters cannot create signals on their own. It is only relevant if the installed location receives cellular signals of some strength. If your place does not have detectable cellular signals, there is no point in trying to improve cellular reception by installing a cellular signal booster.

How Does A Femtocell Work?

A femtocell/microcell is similar to a low power base station that can be installed at homes and offices. The operating radius of a femtocell is around 10 meters. The device works with your broadband internet connection and improves your cell coverage by generating a “signal source” inside your home. It is in fact, creating its own cellular signals.

Voice and data from your carrier network reach the femtocell via an internet gateway. Your cell phone can communicate directly with the femtocell. Residential femtocells support four to five connections at a time while enterprise models are capable of supporting a dozen and more connections simultaneously.

Advantages Of Femtocells

The advantages of femtocells include:

Signal Creation: Femtocells can create signals even if there is absolutely no signal at your place. Even if there aren’t any cellular towers of your carrier operating in your area, the femtocell that works like a mini base station can generate cellular signals.

Faster Connection: When compared to typical cellular signals, femtocells may provide a faster connection for data.

Disadvantages Of Femtocells

Femtocell installation is not always practical due to its disadvantages.

Internet Connection Required: Working of femtocells rely on high-speed internet that will not be available at all places.

Carrier-Specific Operation: A femtocell will only support cellular devices of one carrier. People who use a different carrier will not get any benefit out of femtocell installation.

Syncing Is Necessary: To get improved cellular coverage, cellular devices have to be synched to the femtocell. This indicates that people in the same room where the femtocell is kept will not get any benefit from the femtocell if they have unsynchronized phones.

Additional Charges: You can expect some additional monthly charges for using the femtocell equipment.

May Slow Down Your Internet: There is a chance for your internet speed to decrease because femtocell uses internet connection bandwidth for its operation.

Interference: Although interference between femtocells is not regarded as a serious issue, there is no guarantee that this will be the case always.

When you are using femtocells, some problems may arise if the broadband service provider and internet service provider are different.

The signal strength at your place has a strong influence on your choice of cell phone boosters or femtocells. A cell phone booster has an upper hand over femtocell, as it has a greater coverage area. Moreover, cell phone boosters do not require an internet connection for its operation.