Why Use A Cellular Booster During Bad Weather?

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Cell Phone Signal Booster
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Cell Phone signals are radio waves that are transmitted through the atmosphere, so it will be affected by the weather conditions. You must have noticed a drop in signal quality during rains, snow and thunderstorms, the deterioration of the cellular signal is directly proportional to the severity of the situation. One of the best ways to get better reception is to use a cellular booster that can boost the weakened signal to give better call quality. The purpose of this primer is to better understand about this topic, read on to know more.

What Is A Cell Phone Signal?

Basically a cell phone signal is a radio wave that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, apart from cellular connectivity, it is used in TV broadcasting, remote controls, satellite communication, Wi-Fi networks and GPS devices. 4G cell phone service providers usually transmit signals at frequency of 1Ghz per second and there are other frequencies around this range.

What Affects Cell Phone Signal?

A cell phone directly communicates with the service provider’s cellular tower and a clear straight line of sight between the two ensures a good signal quality. But, as you move further away, say more than 150km from the tower the earth’s curvature starts to affect the quality. Similarly other geographic obstacles as well as weather can affect it.

How Weather Affects Cell Phone Signal?

The different factors that constitute weather affects the signal quality and they are listed below.

  • Water Vapour: The water vapour in the atmosphere is a good conductor of electrons and It reflects the cellular signals because they are basically electromagnetic waves. This distorts and can even cause interruptions, the higher the water content the greater the deterioration of the signal quality.
  • Temperature: The atmospheric temperature has a direct influence on the humidity which is the water content of the atmosphere. The higher the humidity the greater the distortion and deterioration of the signal, also this changes according to the different layers of atmosphere that have different temperatures.
  • Charged Particles In Atmosphere: The presence of charged particles in the atmosphere causes the bouncing off of the cellular signals and thereby its deterioration. You observe this during thunderstorms when the atmosphere has a higher concentration of these charged particles.

Why Is It Important To Understand This?

It is important to understand this as it will help you to take the right step to ensure better signal quality in such weather conditions. Using a cell phone booster for home ensures that you get better connectivity and this is important in times of extreme weather conditions like typhoons.

It must be kept in mind that nowadays with the advancement in technology, weather conditions do not affect the quality of cell phone signals like in the past.